• Jessica Landon

Bliss Junkie

Living a life FREE of mind altering substances is absolute FREEDOM. It is SOUL NOURISHING, and MIND EXPANDING. It’s allowing yourself to FEEL and to experience SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION and ENCOUNTER MIRACLES. It is GENUINE CONNECTION with others. It is SERVICE and ALTRUISM; which subsequently enhance SELF WORTH. It elicits EMPATHY and COMPASSION which magnifies GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION. It’s finding the “ZONE” or the “FLOW STATE” where the EGO DISSOLVES and you TRANSCEND your worldly self. What I was SEEKING in the BOTTLE is what I ultimately found in RECOVERY. This picture has nothing to do with sobriety BUT my SMILE does! A reminder to those ‘sober curious’ and to myself: it’s not just about abstinence, it’s about cultivating A LIFE YOU LOVE. #Godisgood #miracles #recoveroutloud