"Science is the systematic study of spirituality. Science doesn't know it yet but science will know it at some point." -Amit Sood

May 1, 2018

We are made up of the same elements that came into existence with the emergence of our universe. A universe that ostensibly started out smaller than an atom- of which was infinitely dense; however, ambiguously exploded causing a sudden and rapid ‘inflation’ expanding at a rate that is incomprehensible. Encompassing billions of gravitationally bound galaxies- comprised of planets, stars, dark matter and theoretical wormholes. And for humans to emerge life had to emerge and for life to emerge there had to be a habitable  planet orbiting a star at just the right distance. And this can all be broken down/explained using mathematical equations. All of this precision and there are STILL people that believe we happened  “by chance” and there is no Creator. WTF 🤔 



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